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About PSP

In 2018 I started having problems with balance.  I thought it was just arthritis so I didn't think much about it.  However, I later was at an event where a physician friend thought I should see a neurologist because he thought it might be Parkinson's Disease.  I took his advise and visited a neurologist who diagnosed me with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP).  It's a rare disease (similar to Parkinson's) that affects approximately 17,500 people.  Symptoms include loss of balance,  blurred vision, difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing. and loss of cognitive ability.   It's a progressive disease,  and there is no cure at this time.  Due to the disease I'm no longer able to quilt although I still so some design work.  I still write poetry, and have published a number of poems that describe PSP and what I (and others) experience.  

I encourage you visit the CurePSP website to learn more about this disease.  

Also, I've decided to donate my brain for research to assist those in the future.  For more information please visit the Brain Support Network website.

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